My visual paradoxes create a mindful form of escapism, intended to divert the viewers’ attention from the irrelevancies of society; while challenging the viewer’s sense of space and depth.

Working with 3/4” hollow steel pipe and 1/4” solid rod, I make structures from multiple sketches previously laid out on graph paper. These structures involve space and depth and often the illusion of plane. These structures emulate the sketches in real space. The process of sketching is as just important as the metal work itself because the ideas start as sketches.

Artists like Kurt Schwitters used the interior as a base for his forms, I use the interior architecture to complete the forms. My installations act as a catalyst to focus a viewer’s attention to that which is directly in their field of view. The structures are visually confusing and sometimes create impossible visual-paradoxes that must be studied and contemplated by the viewer. In the similar way that religious symbolism may causes a reader to go into a contemplative state; I want the viewer to have a similar visual experience.

When making I escape from the social ills, partisan politics, the daily bore of contemporary society, and intuitively work, as if in meditation. It is this shift in consciousness that I hope to transfer to the viewer.